We believe knowledge is the key to having a deeper understanding of cyber security. That’s why AXIS Cyber offers an Understanding Cyber Security and Insurance (UCSI) course and AXIS Cyber Incident Tabletop Simulation for AXIS policyholders.

AXIS Understanding Cyber Security and Insurance (UCSI)

During this one-day course, certified by the National Cyber Security Centre, which is part of Government Communications Headquarters in the UK, brokers and policyholders will learn more about the capabilities of today’s cyber criminals, what a cyber incident looks like, how to improve security awareness.

AXIS Cyber Tabletop Exercise

Using our experience and understanding of cyber attacks, we have developed a simulated tabletop exercise for AXIS policyholders, delivered by our Risk Advisory team, to improve overall cyber resilience.

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Other risk management services and tools

We partner with experts to provide you with effective risk
management tools.

  • Security Training Awareness and Phishing Simulations
  • Crisis Communications Calls
  • Incident Preparations Calls
  • IT Security Consultancy Services
  • Endpoint, Extended Detection and Response (EDR, XDR)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Data Security
  • Network Security and Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence Solutions
  • Governance Risk and Compliance Services

Helping you talk with confidence to your clients
about cyber risk and how you can help them.

How to identify their risks and help mitigate them with cyber insurance

Importance of
cyber security

Why businesses integrate cyber insurance and risk management

Understand the adversary and threat landscape

Coverages available

Business impact analysis and defense strategies

To request attendance please contact the AXIS Cyber team

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Cyber insurance is vital to
business resilience.

Discover how we help protect businesses before, during and after a cyber incident.


Find out how the potential impact from a cyber incident can be minimized by being prepared.

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See how our cyber insurance is built to support businesses operating in today’s environment.

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Explore how we rapidly respond to assist
recovery in the event of
a cyber incident.

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Investing in understanding cyber

Rather than just adding to the noise, we’re leveraging our internal expertise and partnerships with leading market influencers and innovators to produce genuine insights; helping clients better understand the full scope of the threat landscape and how to mitigate against cyber risks.

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