Update on the Irish High Court decision on FBD’s Business Interruption Test Case

The Irish High Court published its decision on FBD’s test case on 5th February 2020. We are carefully assessing the impact of this decision on our Irish policyholders, which may take a few days due to the length and complexity of the ruling. 

We aim to provide all our Irish policyholders who have made a claim or complaint with a more detailed written explanation of our decision about their claim or complaint in the coming three weeks. In the interim, any policyholders with non-damage business interruption risks included in their policy, and who have not yet made a claim with us, are invited to do so at their earliest convenience. 

The Central Bank of Ireland has published a statement on the FBD Test Case on its website, and we will also keep our website regularly updated for our customers.

Information for UK customers who are struggling with their insurance payments

If you are experiencing difficulties paying premiums, in the first instance, please contact the firm that arranged the insurance for you.

If your business insurance needs have changed as a result of Covid-19 you may be able to reduce the costs of your insurance by changing the levels of coverage provided by your policy. Please contact the firm which arranged your insurance policy to discuss your needs. If you do need to alter or cancel your policy because of financial difficulties caused by Covid-19 you will not be charged a fee for this.